Recently, I recieved a text that contained an acronym that I didn't understand. After feeling extemely old and out of touch, I quickly Googled the acronym. Here is what I found!

An article with a list of  texting abbreviations and acronyms that I found VERY disturbing. While the text I recieved was in no way offensive, many of the texts your child gets or, and I hate to say this, sends... just might be. Let's protect our kids and help preserve their innocence. Please read the list and put this link on your favorites list.  It's time to be proactive!

9 = Parent is watching

99 = Parent no longer watching

143 = I love you

182 = I hate you

459 = I love you

831 = I love you

4Q = F You

ADR = Address

AITR = Adult in the room

CD9 or Code 9 = Parents are around

CYT = See you tomorrow

DURS = Damn you’re sexy

F2F = Face to face

FB = F buddy

FBI = Female Body Inspector

FO = F Off

FWB = Friends with benefits

GAP = Got a pic?

GNOC = Get naked On cam

H4Y = Hot for you

I%I = Intercourse and inebriation

IMEZRU = I am easy, are you?

ILU = I love you

IPN = I’m posting naked

KFY or K4Y = Kiss for you

KPC = Keeping parents clueless

KWSTA = Kiss with serious tongue action

LF = Let’s F

LKITR = Little kid in the room

LMIRL = Let’s meet in real life

LY* or LU* = Anything beginning with these are forms of I love you

M4C = Meet for coffee

MorF = Male or female

MOOS = Member of the opposite sex

MOS = Mom over shoulder

MIRL = Meet in real life

MOS = Mom Over Shoulder

MA = mature audience

NSFW = Not safe for work

OLL = Online love

P911 = Parent alert

PAL = Parents are listening

PAW = Parents are watching

PIR = Parent in room

PBB = Parent behind back

PLOS = Parents looking over shoulder

POM = Parent over my shoulder

PRW = Parents are watching

RU/18 = Are you over 18?

S2R = Send to receive (photo)

TAW = Teachers are watching

TDTM = Talk dirty to me

WYCM = Will you call me?

WYRN = What’s your real name?

WUF = Where you from?

To see the ones that were way TOO explicit and inappropriate for our website,  that I couldn't post click here!