Paul Ryan Bad Lip Reading Video Is a Masterpiece [Video]
The guys at Bad Lip Reading have done it again and this might be their best bad lip reading video yet. Tonight of course, was the long awaited presidential debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney and the guys at Bad Lip Reading seized the moment.
Super Sized Sodas and Sugary Drinks Banned in New York City
A few months back, I wrote an article about a proposed ban on super-sized sodas and sugary drinks in New York City that you can read here. NYC officials felt they had to do something about the growing, (no pun intended), obesity problem in that city and around the country as a whole. As you can imag…
Is Poker a Game of Skill or Chance? [Poll]
Internet gaming and gambling has come under fire as of late, and one story in particular involving the conviction of a man who was running a poker club advertised exclusively by word of mouth and through text messages. The man's lawyers were appealing his conviction and all eyes were on that ap…
Should Indiana Require Safety Belts Be Installed on School Buses?
Should new school buses have seat belts installed before they are used to transport Indiana’s children to and from school? Democratic state Senate hopeful Terry White seems to think so, according to a proposal he made earlier last week.
White, who is the Warrick County Democratic chairman currently c…

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