Not many of us know a lot about every president through history, but most adults recognize most of the presidents if nothing else. We all have our favorite president and can tell you exactly why. You wouldn't expect to find many children under the age of 8 who even know what the president does, let alone anything about them - until now. The first is 2-year-old Jace who does some spot on impressions of some of this country's greatest presidents and even some of our less great presidents. Jace even gives you the correct body language most of those presidents used.

The second video features Rainer and Atticus who are presidential experts. Not only do they know the presidents, but they know something about each one. Rainer does most of talking during their sit-down interview with Ellen, but Atticus certainly knows how to cut right to the chase. If these two videos don't make your weekend, nothing will, enjoy.