Do You Read or Even See the Signs That Life Shows You?
Life happens and time flies by even if we try and slow it down. Many times, through out your day, you may have signs set before you that you aren't REALLY reading. These aren't street signs or even advertising billboards, they are something totally different.

They are signs showing you wh…
Mothers Love Lives On In Sibling Tattoos
My mom passed away, of Ovarian Cancer, two years ago on July 31st. Since her passing, my siblings and I have discussed getting a tattoo in her memory. While my brother has several tattoos already, it would be a first for my sister and I. We wanted to get them together so we could share the moment, a…
DIY Natural Tick Repellent
The ticks are bad this year!! The bite of a tick can be fatal, depending on the kind of tick and how long the bite goes unnoticed. Try this natural solution will keep the ticks off of you, your kids and pets.

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