This morning, Leslie and I were talking about a story in which a moving guy got stuck in an elevator with an elderly woman who had trouble standing for long periods of time. So, the mover got down on all fours and acted as a bench for the woman to sit on until help arrived, which is a great and heartwarming story. I think it's fair to say that most people find elevators somewhat awkward. First of all, you are usually in there with a bunch of strangers and you are pretty much stuck until the doors open again and there is no hiding anything that might happen because you're all in it together.

Personally, I love elevators because they are so awkward. Why is it that everyone just stares up at the floor indicator like they're afraid it won't stop on their floor? Trying to strike a conversation with someone is REALLY awkward and let's not even talk about a certain bodily function that could know what I mean.

I like to mess with people in an elevator from time to time depending on where I am and my mood. My favorite thing to do is step into a crowded elevator and face everyone. Everyone immediately begins to squirm and depending on how long the ride is, at least one or two others will turn around and face the back wall, just as I's hilarious.

Then there is that person that gets on and kind of looks at you like they hope you are not an escaped convict on the run after just busting out of the big house.....and we all have been on an elevator with that one person that thinks bathing is overrated.

I personally enjoy the elevator experience, but I know I am in the minority. Elevators are also perfect for pranks because you have a captive audience. Enjoy your next elevator ride, but beware of pranksters. Below are some great elevator pranks...happy elevatoring!