Almost every artist has at least one unique quality that separates them from everyone else. Painters have to adapt a style that defines that artist, but I don't know if I have ever heard of creating art through tears. Leandro Granato's works of art are literally created through his tears. Granato's unique ability involves snorting paint through the nasal cavity and releasing the paint through his eye onto the canvas. While this sounds painful, it really isn't and what he has created is very interesting and eye-catching, no pun intended.

The paint Granato uses is a watercolor base that poses no threat to his eyes whatsoever, is perfectly safe and creates both long and short streams of tears that create pictures on the canvas. Granato also takes a video of each piece of art and the video is included with the purchase of each piece to prove how he did it.

His work has really caught on and some pieces have sold for thousands of dollars. While watching paint squirt out his eye is a little difficult to watch, the process and the result are really very fascinating. I've heard of people being able to squirt milk through their eyes, but this is crazy. See for yourself below.