Occasionally a song will come along, that you will hear and say, "I've heard this somewhere before." It's not one of those obvious cover songs, but one that was cut by somebody on an album, or maybe was put out as a single and tanked. Either way, there's a chance you may have never heard these versions of some of your favorite songs.

You might have known that Don Williams wrote and recorded "I Wouldn't Be A Man" before Josh Turner, but did you know Billy Dean also released it as a single before Josh?

Two legends took a crack at the story of a dog helping to bust a guy out of prison before Blake Shelton. Kenny Rogers and George Jones also had their versions. Take a listen to "The Possum" and his version

Before anyone had heard of "Bless The Broken Road" and about 2 years before anybody knew what a Rascal Flatts was, a young lady named Melodie Crittenden released her first country single called "Broken Road"

Just a couple years before Blake Shelton had a hit single with "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" another youngster who also used to have long hair like Blake used to, recorded the song for his album. Listen to Joe Nichols and his version of the song.

And finally, another one that might shock you is the haunting version of "The Thunder Rolls" that preceded Garth Brooks and his big hit. This one is from Tanya Tucker including the controversial third verse Garth performs in concert. Excuse the creepy picture. This was the only youtube version I could find.

Hope you enjoyed these and let me know if you come across any more.