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10 Of The Youngest Country Artists To Have Number One Hits
Every few years, a crop of new artists hit country music that make a big impact.  Sometimes those artists are very young with lots of talent.  Stars like Hunter Hayes and Taylor Swift got started at a very young age and it paid off in number one hits.  Here's a list of some of th…
Sandy Lee Watkins Songwriter Profile – Mark Alan Springer
The Sandy Lee Watkins Songwriters Festival is coming to Henderson August 1st-4th and there are 20 great Nashville songwriters coming in to tell their stories.  Today we had the chance to talk to the writer of huge hits for artists like Kenny Chesney and Tanya Tucker, Mark Alan Springer.
Some Not So Great Super Bowl Halftime Shows
This year Madonna takes the stage for the halftime show at Super Bowl 46.  At first glance this seems to be another attempt of bringing in viewers with a nostalgia act.  Ever since the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction in 2004, it seems the booking committee has looked mainly to the nursing homes t…