Picture this…it’s day 115 of quarantine, it’s Saturday night and you have gone through every possible snack while re-watching “Tiger King” for the umpteenth time.  Sounds terrible right?  Well hold your horses because things are about to get a little more interesting.

Nabisco and Chips Ahoy! are either going to brighten your day or make you rethink the definition of a cookie.  They have released a new chocolate chip cookie with chunks of Sour Patch Kids candy jammed inside.  Because obviously sour chocolate is the exact thing you need to flatten the curve of your hunger right now.

This is honestly kind of fitting for the times we are in.  It’s one weird thing that doesn’t make sense after another.  Who knows these could be the best thing ever and I am just being facetious.  Either way the Sour Patch Chips Ahoy! are available right now for you to brave the groceries stores for.  Enjoy!!


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