Which city in Indiana sees the most lightning? Let's find out from some electrifying data.

I don't know about you but I love sitting out on my porch during a storm. Something about listening to the rainfall, the thunder roll, and the lightning brightening up the night sky is peaceful and relaxing. We've seen our fair share of storms here in Indiana. The majority of them feature a lot of lightning. If this kind of stuff is fascinating to you too, you might be interested in learning which Indiana city sees the most lightning.

A new report from Vaisala X Weather used data that measures lightning to find which city in each state is the "lightning capital." They measured more than 198 million lightning events that happened across America over the past year and calculated the number of strikes in each location to determine the lightning capital in each state. You might be "shocked" to find out which city sees the most lightning in Indiana.


So Which City is the Most Lightning-Prone in Indiana?

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Congratulations goes out to Mt. Vernon, Indiana. This Southern Indiana town, located in Posey County, has been crowned the lightning capital of Indiana. This truly electric data revealed that Mt. Vernon averaged the highest lightning density in Indiana with 124 strikes for every square kilometer. Overall, Indiana ranked as the state with the 21st highest lightning density in the United States which is actually down three spots from the previous year.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the lightning capital of the country is, that award goes to Four Corners, Florida with 474 strikes for every square kilometer. That's a big difference compared to Mt. Vernon.

You can learn more about this electrifying data, and see the lightning capitals in each state by clicking here.

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