This year, forget sending flowers. Send that special someone a ACTUAL puppy, kitten, or rabbit Cuddlegram for Valentines Day with the Vanderburgh Humane Society!

Once again, the VHS will be offering Cuddlegrams for Valentine’s Day. What is a Cuddlegram? It's where you can literally cuddle a puppy, kitten, or rabbit. Talk about a great way to score brownie points!

Each Cuddlegram will be delivered to the recipient’s workplace and includes:

  • small box of Libs chocolates
  • a personalized card
  • three red roses
  • And most importantly: a 30-minute cuddle session with a puppy, a kitten, or a rabbit!

I must admit, this sounds like the PERFECT Valentines day gift! Not to mention, the best part is in purchasing this gift for a loved one, you are also supporting the VHS!

They also are doing specials for people who want to propose or ask someone to prom...which how could you say "no" after something like that?!

According to the Vanderburgh Humane Society's website, pricing for these Cuddlegrams starts at $50 for a Bunnygram, followed by $75 for a Kittengram and $100 for a Puppygram. Secret marriage or prom-proposals can be arranged for an additional $25 fee. Proceeds after expenses benefit the Vanderburgh Humane Society’s mission.

Grams must be purchased directly through the VHS Development Office by:


Cuddlegrams will only be delivered to locations in Vanderburgh County, Newburgh, Princeton, or Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Only a limited number of Cuddlegrams will be available based on the number of animals, so don’t wait! The deadline to order these Cuddlegrams is Tuesday, February 11th. For more information on sending your loved one a Cuddlegram from the VHS, click on the link below.




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