When it comes to decorating your house for Christmas, you could go the more traditional route with a decorated tree, maybe a few nods to Santa, and even a few religion-based decorations like a nativity scene, or an angel topper. Or, you could do what these people did and either put unique, more personalized spin, on those decorations, or go with something completely unrelated to holiday altogether.

I saw a former coworker of ours share his "Christmas Giraffe" on Facebook over the weekend, which made me think there are likely other people who have a quirky take on holiday decorations, so I asked you to show me pictures on our Facebook page. You did not disappoint. Outside of the ode to Christmas Vacation pictured above, we had a few themed trees, like this one from Jamie Webster whose family uses their tree to pay tribute to their dad who was a big Chicago Cubs fan. That's his hat on top.

(Jamie Webster via Facebook)

There was Laura O'Rourke's tribute to her favorite band, The Avett Brothers, who she said she is "obsessed with." You don't say?

(Laura M. O'Rourke via Facebook)

There's Jessika Taylor's Thin Blue Line tree honoring those in law enforcement.

(Jessika Taylor via Facebook)

And Ava Meredith who made Christmas lemonade out of her lemon of a tree by turning it into a Grinch tree when the bottom lights didn't work.

(Ava Meredith via Facebook)

There were some whose tree's weren't actual trees. Like Beth Wolg's cactus tree.

(Beth Wolg via Facebook)

And Erin Stephan's "tree" made entirely of empty Azzip Pizza boxes. Alternating the boxes so the corners stick out and look like branches is a nice touch.

(Erin Stephan via Facebook)

Beyond the tree, there are those who choose to layout elaborate displays like Mary Howell's Christmas town.

(Mary Howell via Facebook)

And Sherry Kowgitz Withers' nativity scene featuring a few animals I don't think were present at the birth of Christ. Namely the pink flamingo, penguin, and unicorn near Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

(Sherry Kowgitz Withers via Facebook)

Speaking of animals, a few put the animals they've successfully hunted into the Christmas spirit with a well-placed Santa hat, like Sharon Hagenseiker.

Sharon Hagenseiker via Facebook

And Eric Gline...

(Eric Gline via Facebook)

While this one wasn't hunted, "Prancer" is the centerpiece Tammy Montgomery's Christmas-filled room.

(Tammy Montgomery via Facebook)

And Emma Young's went extinct millions of years ago (unless Jurassic Park becomes a reality).

(Emma Young via Facebook)

We have some that like to keep it simple, like

(Michael Jewell via Facebook)

Yolanda Powell prefers her Santa to ride a two-wheel sleigh:

(Yolanda Powell via Facebook)

While Christine Weber and Ashley Byble decided to improvise to make up for their lack of a fireplace. Christine "painted one" herself, and Ashley used a space heater to fill the void.

Christine Weber via Facebook
Ashley Byble via Facebook

Then there's Gail Rough Stratford, who...ummm...hmmmm, well I don't know exactly what Gail is going for here, but I dig it.

Gail Rough Stratford via Facebook
Gail Rough Stratford via Facebook

However you decorate, I hope you have wonderful and merry Christmas!