Now that the Indianapolis Colts fired Chuck Pagano, who should be the next Head Coach of the team? Here are our Top 5 picks!

1. Peyton Manning

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Sure...he has no prior head coaching experience but he was a true leader on the field and it would be awesome to see him in the blue and white again!

2. Jim Harbaugh

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Another former Colts QB. He has been a head coach in both college and the NFL, and it looks like things are not going so well for him at Michigan!


3. Craig T Nelson AKA Hayden Fox

Sure, Craig T Nelson is just an actor but he did play a coach in the hit TV Series "Coach"! Things couldn't get any worse for the Colts anyways!

4. Larry Bird

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Nothing screams Hoosier like our home state champion Larry Bird. He has plenty of coaching experience albeit in Basketball...but hey just have Andrew Luck throw the ball high and grab it like a rebound!

5. Leslie Morgan

Photo Credit: WKDQ/Dave

She likes guys in tight pants and yelling at people to do things! A perfect match if you ask us!

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