You might remember the recent commercial for - you know, the one where 2020 (personified as an attractive young woman) gets matched up with Satan. It's a really clever, well-done commercial from one of the funniest guys in Hollywood - Ryan Reynolds. Well, Satan is back in another Ryan Reynolds-produced commercial, this time for Mint Mobile. In my opinion, this spot is even funnier, so much so that I had to know who this Satan fella is. Take a look at the commercials first, then I'll give you the big reveal.

Who Is Satan?

Don't feel bad if you can't place that face or voice, odds are you've never seen that actor before. The guy having a bit too much fun torturing wireless customers is a beast of a man in real life. His name is AARON REED. Before getting into acting, Reed had success as a professional wrestler and as a bodybuilder - in fact, at 6-feet 7-inches, Reed has been called the World's Tallest Bodybuilder. Oh yeah, he's also a cancer survivor. Now he's trying his hand (and hooves and horns) at acting. He hasn't been in much so far - a random episode of Jane the Virgin and NCIS: Los Angeles - but producer Ryan Reynolds must have liked what he saw from Reed because he gave him a role (IMDB lists his character's name as 'Dude') in Reynolds' new action-comedy Free Guy.

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The aforementioned commercials, by the way, were made by Ryan Reynolds' production company, Maximum Effort - you gotta love the not-so-subtle nod to Deadpool. In true Ryan Reynolds fashion, when you visit the Maximum Effort website and click on Aboot (cause he's from Canada) you'll see that the company "makes movies, TV series, content, and cocktails for the personal amusement of Hollywood Star Ryan Reynolds. We occasionally release them to the general public."

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