It's Saturday night, and your doing what you do on this day of the week. You might even be doing something different for a change. You've been listening to WKDQ, and you hear about this Mary person. Who is this Mary?

That would be me! You might have heard Dave refer to me as the Director of First Impressions..... I'm still not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I'm not sure who's impressing who when he refers to that. So, besides doing that I take care of the receptionist duties and traffic for two of our stations in our building.

I used to do work in WKDQ around 2010 to 2013. I did over nights, and ran the board for Jon Prell when he was hosting the country classing show. AND, I was a rabbit when WKDQ had a mascot. I was a lot younger, and a fluffy rabbit. Those rabbit heads, GROSS. Since tonight is my first night back on WKDQ in a few years, I'm going to let you get to know me a bit. Not just the professional Mary. I just laughed at that sentence. Professional Mary.

1. I'm actually a shy person. Then why am I doing radio? I know! I'm comfortable doing that. I'm not gonna lie though, I have no one in the studio with me when I do my thing. Its just too much! I get shy and I start to stutter and stammer. At times when I answer the phones at the front desk with an office full of people, it makes me feel odd. If I'm in a setting that is comfortable to me, I love to meet people. which just confuses me even more.

2. I'm not one of those people that has a bunch of pictures of herself. Nothing wrong with it, just not me. I have lots of my family, funny memes, and random other stuff. I like pictures like this, you cant see much of my brother and I. Best picture ever!!!


3. I'm a diabetic, and I have tattoos. But let me see my own blood or get a shot, wait for it, I might be passing out. I take insulin, and there are times it bleeds at the injection site. Completely normal. Its NOT normal for me to look back at the site and see a bit of blood and feel like everything I've ate is gonna come back for a visit.

4. I LOVE my family! I'm so grateful that I get along with both brothers and their wives and I have a great relationship with my mother. I have 4 nieces and nephews. Two of them are married, and they both have children of their own. The sweet boy in my picture is my great nephew Bralyn.  The other two are with who I think they might keep for the rest of their lives. I secretly hope that one day I'll be that crazy aunt that almost every family has. Heck, I could be that now and I don't know. Life goal #34, Complete!

5. I have two dogs. They are my four legged critters. Bruce Wayne and Parker are the sweetest messes you will ever meet. Parker has been my boy since he was 6 weeks old and a snorty 3 pounds. He'll be 9 next month. Bruce Wayne...... He's that child that you love but will test you. He's ate chap stick, boxes, my bills, and anything else he can chew. He just turned 6 and still acts like a puppy. But I wouldn't want to live my live with out them. Since Ive been divorced, those sweet smashed faces have been my buddies. They love naps as much as I do!


So, if your still with me, Congratulations!!!!! I didn't bore you to tears. If I did, don't tell me, its Saturday night!!! I feel like I should give you something amazing, but all I have is some great country music for the rest of your Saturday night here on 99.5 WKDQ!!!


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