Dolly Parton. When you hear that name, most people know who that is. She's had made a great name for her self and if you have never seen any documentaries or articles about her, shes amazing!!! Since she has started her carer, she has got plenty of hits under her belt. Of course some have been remade as well. Yes, I will always love you is the biggest one, I chose a different one. Jolene.

Here is Dolly doing hers. Now, I chose this one because the hair, clothes, Porter Wagner and those flashy duds.

Now, Miley Cyrus did a version of this as well.

Now, as I like to, lets throw A rockish type version in there. This is The White Stripes, and it took a bit to find the version of them singing this and it not be live. Sometime live things kill most songs.

Added Value!!! Lets add this version in it. If you are familiar with Pentatonix then you might be a fan of this!

.So, you have 3 versions, well 4 if you want to include the original. So whatcha think?

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