George Jones died in 2013. He had his wife Nancy with him right to the very end.

George and Nancy Sepulvedo had been married almost exactly 30 years when his life ended in April 2013 of respiratory failure. George was 81 years old and he most likely would have been dead way before 2013 without his wife's help. She came along just as the world's greatest living country singer was hitting rock bottom. George's weight had dipped under 100 pounds and he was broke and nearly homeless.He was an alcoholic and didn't have any real hope of rehabilitation.

That's when Nancy entered his life and soon became his wife. George credited her with saving his life. And what were his last words? According to Nancy she was with him in the hospital room when he was nearing the end. She heard him say something. According the an interview in the Nashville Tennessean,

"We were standing at the foot of the bed, and George just hadn't said nothing, and all of a sudden, he opened his eyes, and I was fixin' to go toward him, and the doctor kind of held me back, and George said, 'Well, hello there.' He said, 'I've been looking for you,'" He said, 'My name's George Jones.'"

Within moments, he was gone.

"He closed his eyes, and that was the end of it," Nancy Jones explains. "So, in my heart, I know he was talking to God."

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