My husband and I have been living in our house for a year now, and it never fails. Just when we think we've found everything, we learn about one more odd thing.  But I was shocked at what we found hidden behind a wall! 

Our house had some interesting owners before we moved in, from floral wallpapering our garage door (we left it up, because it's insulated, and makes for a nice conversation piece), to decking over the entire back yard, to sponge painting dragonfly's all over the garage. It's been an interesting journey and it seems like we find something weird and new every day.

Our yard is not big, but it has two big yard barns in it. We believe the big barn was used for a workshop at one point in time.  We have been wanting to get rid of the big barn, because the storage is nice, but honestly it dwarfs our small back yard. We just want a nice big grassy yard.

So a friend wanted the barn, so he had someone come and take it apart so it can be transported to his house. But what the builder found behind the wall of my barn was insane.

He found a wall full of stamps!

DAryl of Smart barns
Photo Credit: Darryl of Smart Barns
Photo Credit: Daryl of Smart Barns

How weird is that?!  It was HIDDEN  behind the walls of the barn!

It coordinates with this odd stamp covered table that was also left in the barn when we moved in.

PS Don't judge our ground we have straw down because we are growing grass, and that table is laying in the yard because we had to clear out the barn so it could be torn down.


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