So I found this little invention called the "Pop Socket" and it's become my favorite invention ever. 


I switched to the iPhone back in January, and I decided to go big or go home because I chose the biggest iPhone on the market, the 6S Plus.   I figure that won't be an issue, to carry a mini iPad around! Turns out I was wrong.  I love the phone don't get me wrong but holding it was a struggle.  I dropped it several times, and just the smart phone struggle was real.  So I heard about this little guy online, and figured I'd buy one and see if it would help.

Also I have no self control so when I saw that you could customize your own, of course if you give me that option I'm putting a picture of my dog on it!

So what this thing does is sticks to the back of your phone case and it has a can sit flat or you pop it up and it sticks out so you can grip it with your fingers while holding your phone.

It looks kinda funny on the back of your phone, but hey when your screen isn't broken because you didn't drop your phone, that's worth looking funny.