On Jon and Leslie Wanna Know, we asked, "are you a innie or an outie?" NO ONE has admitted to being an outie! I looked up what makes an innie an inne, an outtie an outtie and an in-betweenie an in-betweenie...

According to Parenting.com, a belly button is the scar that's left when your umbilical cord dries up and falls off. What determines whether you are an innie or an outie is basically fate. There is no medical reason for innies or outies - just how you are formed.

So there you have it... impressive explanation? No... Sorry!

Wow, we found out quick that the WKDQ Facebook fans are OUTIE haters! And that it appears that no one in the Tri-State has an outie.

According to chacha.com, only 10% of the population have outie belly buttons. Including THIS precious, cute, little, two year old belly button. Now that is an outie you can't help but LIKE! Thank you, Samantha. :-)