Last weekend I was out with my mother having lunch. While we were eating we both noticed something. I felt it in the air and I could see it as well. Summer is slowing showing its face. I have never been a person to LOVE summer. I don't tan.  It's hot, sticky, sweaty, buggy, humid, ticks, and No. As a child growing up in Wyoming, I didn't have to worry about ticks and humid grossness. It was the 90's. Today, people are different. People dress differently. So picture in your sweet little head the warm weather, bright sun, nice cool drink in your hand, and you look across the way and notice something. You look harder, oh no!!! You just seen something you really didn't want to see, and you feel scared for your life. We ALL have been there. Some of us, more than we like to admit. To get you ready for that summer spirit, I've compiled a list of things that you tend to see in the summer but you really wish you didn't.


I'll admit I hate feet. So I might naturally have a grudge. Some of us have dry feet, funky toes, or whatever. If you must set those beasts free, look at them. Cut the talons off that you have grown all winter long, don't scare the children. If you wearing sandals, pick your feet up! The sound of a flip flop flopping cause someone is dragging their feet bothers me like nails on a chalk board. Don't be a careless flopper!

Lack of Needed Clothing

Yeah, that's a broad category, but its a broad issue. Summer is a lot of things. Everyone gets hot. Put PLEASE!!!!! Wear the appropriate clothing. Ladies, you know I'm talking about bras and clothing that complements you. A few summers ago, I was in a grocery store and the lady in front of me didn't think about what she was going to wear, or she just threw on clothes and left half of them behind. She was wearing a mans sleeveless shirt, you can tell from the arm holes and the neck hole being a lot bigger than a woman's size. It would've been fine and dandy, but somewhere along the way she had lost her bra! She was bending over fiddling with stuff in her cart, knowing how things are I looked away quickly, and started watching a gentleman beside me. I could tell he was watching her, the he froze up and looked like he barfed in his mouth. I'm thinking he was somewhat flashed by the lady's ladies. Lets make things odd, her undies consisted of more material than her shorts. Yes, let that soak in. "Well Mary you don't have to look at people." You can not help but to look. That's a train wreak waiting to happen, and sometime you can't look away. This isn't just an issue for women, Men this is you too. I once saw a man that had a better looking chest than I did and he was letting that go free as the wind. NO! This wasn't at a beach or pool, just out and about. I dunno if I was more disturbed, or jealous!

Bad Fitting Swim Suits

The stories you can hear about this. Lets just peek the bad ones. Guys, if you are brave and willing to wear the tight fitting bottoms and not the swim trunks, you go! Please make sure you have enough room for your jiggly bits. A tight suit isn't good for anyone, one false move and that sucker could rip!  This is true for the ladies. Make sure those sucker fit. Don't loose a top in mid swim. You could be the difference between a memorable outing or a scared memory for life.

Boob/ Sock Money


Cash is just gross in general. I'm sure there is a lot of grossness on it. Lets add some body sweat to that as well. Sounds normal. NO!!! Ladies, your bra is not your secret stash place. I don't want to see you digging for gold. If you must dig for gold, pick your nose. Sock money, again my whole feet issue, NO! Wallets and coin purses are made for money. Moist cash is like a wet dog, you'll touch it but in your head you are dying! My niece works in the office area for a local jail. She was brought money that was found in an inmates body. Yes, I said IN. You never know where that stuff has been.

I'm pretty sure there is a lot more that people see. I'm kinda glad that I don't remember most of those if Ive seen them. Just remember when you go out this summer, we all are suffering, and think of the children!

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