Wesselman Woods have recently reported vandalism to barricades that were set up to protect the salamander population during their breeding season.  This time of year salamanders are emerging from hibernation to begin breeding.  However in order to get to the area they breed they must cross the street. That's why Wesselman Woods currently has barricades set up around their park loop to stop traffic from being able to drive in the area the salamanders are crossing.  It's a way to protect them, and Wesselman Woods says without their intervention they say hundreds of salamanders would be killed. So they were very disheartened to see that someone had broken down the barriers and tore down one of their signs explaining why the road was closed.

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They estimate the cost of the damages is upwards of $3,000 so they've started a GoFundMe to help offset the costs of the vandalism, you can donate by clicking here.

Here's what the GoFundMe says about the vandalism, and why it's so important to protect our local salamanders:

Every spring, salamanders emerge from hibernation and begin their quest to migrate towards breeding grounds. Salamanders breed in vernal pools and travel en masse during warm rains. We at Wesselman Woods are lucky to have two vernal pools nearby, in the middle of Wesselman Park.

However, in order for these salamanders to reach their destination, they must cross at least one road. This is why we put up gates and barricades around the park loop. Without these barricades, HUNDREDS of salamanders would be killed due to human interference.

Just this season, we have recorded over 400 salamanders traveling between Wesselman Park and Wesselman Woods. As a State Nature Preserve and National Natural Landmark, it is our duty to protect all local flora and fauna. This week, we have seen increased vandalism to our wooden barricades and salamander signs.

Without these conservation methods, the salamanders would be easily killed.  We have witnessed many dead salamanders due to traffic. Although closing down the park loop may be an inconvenience to some, we do it to protect our amphibian kin who do not have a voice or a choice.

We are disheartened to see our neighbors vandalize our attempts at saving precious wildlife. Want to make a difference? Help us raise money to benefit Wesselman Woods in creating better barriers to protect our local wildlife. We are asking for your support to help us purchase new metal gates and new metal signs to protect these special creatures.

Our lowest estimates for these items is already over $3000 so know that any donation will help make an impact. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to us and all of Evansville's nature lovers.

Find out more about Wesselman Woods and how you can get involved with us on our website .

Wesselman Woods works really hard to support our local wildlife and conservation efforts, so if at all possible please help spread awareness about this issue, and donate if you can.  

🔊 We need your help 🔊 This week, we have seen increased vandalism to our wooden barricades and salamander signs. Without...

Posted by Wesselman Woods on Tuesday, March 23, 2021


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