I only know a couple of things about football: I'm a Hoosier, so I'm a Colts fan, I love Payton Manning even though he doesn't even play anymore, and Tom Brady has equal parts fans and haters. Some might even say that he is cheating his way through life. He has a supermodel wife and a handful of Super Bowl rings. But bad guys don't just give out their phone number, do they?

Tom Brady gave his personal (Or so he says it is) cell phone number to anyone that wants it. Yep, he even made a video for Twitter to confirm it. But why? Could this be some typical Tom Brady trick, and it's just a dummy number, set up for gullible people like me?

There you have it - Literally (415) 612-1737. 415 is a San Francisco area code number, and I know that he lives in Florida now. But, of course, with a cell phone, I guess it doesn't matter. I'm just doing a little fact checking before I give in, and text this number.

Mr. Brady does have one rule, when it comes to calls and texts: Don't even think about trying to get a hold of him on game day. Otherwise, he promises to get back with everyone. Really? Okay, I'll bite, but I'm only texting, you know how I get phone anxiety.

tom brady text 2

A simple hello with a football emoji seemed like a good enough first text. And looky there, a response from Tom Brady! I'm sure that's a special message, just for me, and not a mass-produced generic answer, right? I took the chance of spamming up my phone, and followed the link.

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tom brady text

Why does Tom (We're on a first name basis now) need my birthday? Perhaps I'll get a birthday call! Now you can try it, and see if you can find you way into Tom Brady's exclusive contacts, like me - LOL.

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