Social media is just the best isn't it? This morning, we woke up to the first winter wonderland of 2018. A joyous occasion if you like winter weather. A fiasco if you hate it. I prefer flip flops and shorts but a few snows before Christmas is kind of fun.

In response to the snow and ice, many area schools canceled or delayed school. I'm not a huge fan of the two-hour delay because it puts my whole day out of whack. Luckily, I have a job that I can sit home and update our closings page and write mind-bending pieces of art like this here, but I'd say a good amount of parents don't have that luxury.

While checking on closings this morning, I perused the socials. There were a lot of complaints about the delay. There were a lot of happy people who get to sleep in but instead are posting to Facebook. There was even a few individuals who were having trouble figuring out the math on a two-hour delay. I get it, Daylight Savings Time math is too hard for me and that's only ONE hour. And then there's my all-time favorite... people from places like Chicago, or Wisconsin, or New York who make fun of all us Southern idiots who don't know how to drive in snow. And there are a LOT of these comments. Some of them were light hearted but some were rude complete with name calling. Ug...

Okay, thanks, we get it. We get snow every single year but still don't get how to slow down. We buy stupid sports cars instead of snowmobiles for daily travel. We didn't grow up digging ourselves snow tunnels to get to school so it isn't really in our DNA to know how to drive properly in or successfully deal with winter weather... Noted. Thank you.

The thing is, several sites reported that the states with the most winter weather accidents are ones up north. It makes sense, more snow - more accidents. It just proves that none of us are immune to black ice or unsafe road conditions no matter how much experience you have driving in winter weather. And the only way to avoid unnecessary accidents is to be cautious.

Seriously guys... let's keep social media a mean girl free place. If you are an expert snowman or snowwoman, I applaud you. You rock. But, let's try building each other up and encourage safety over being rude! Life as we know it will be a happier place. :)


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