The below video has stirred a lot of debate on the internet as to whether teleportation is real or if this is just another clever video done by someone with absolutely nothing better to do. The video is from China and appears to show a person on a motorbike who is about to be struck by an oncoming truck. All of a sudden, a human figure appears and they both immediately disappear only to re-appear behind the truck on the side of the road seconds later. The truck driver gets out and runs to the rear of the truck appearing to fear for the worst. Was this an incident of teleportation caught on a traffic cam or just an elaborate hoax?

Teleportation and time travel have been hot-button internet topics for several years now. Believe it or not, there are many people who believe there are time travelers among us and they are able to be here as a result of some sort of teleportation system that exists in the future.

Our initial reaction to a video like this is to immediately dismiss it as a hoax. I did until I watched it a few more times. Notice the clock continues to run forward with absolutely no gaps in the time whatsoever. I am certainly not saying this video is real by any stretch, but I am not a video expert, so I really don't know. If it's a hoax, it's a darn good one.

There is speculation this video is fake and is part of a promotion for the launch of a series of new video games. At the very least, this video is fascinating to watch.

There are two versions of it below, the first being the incident in real time and the second being a six minute frame by frame breakdown that has been slowed down dramatically. What do you think?



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