Did you know Home Alone and TV's Friends exist in the same universe?

Well, not really, but they do share a strange connection that hasn't been unearthed until now!

22 Vision has posted a video that links the 1990 Christmas comedy to the hit NBC sitcom which made the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox overnight stars. The connection is as follows: In the show's tenth and final season, Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica (Cox), now with newly adopted twins, decide to move outside New York City to live a quiet life in the suburbs.

As demonstrated by the video above, however, if you notice the blue house that is across the street from Chandler and Monica's new home, it is the same blue house that is across the street from the McCallister's home in Home Alone! The video points out the same house structures and colors that match in both the movie and the show.

If you think it's too much of a coincidence, that's because it really is the same house. According to Mashable, 22 Vision got in touch with the owners of the blue house in Illinois who confirms that it is their house. Apparently, the production crew behind Friends decided to use stock footage from Home Alone with the hopes that nobody would notice.

One could come up with all sorts of crazy fan fiction about Chandler and Monica running into the McCallisters, but the truth is that Home Alone was set in the suburbs of Chicago and the episode of Friends in question is firmly set outside of New York City, which creates a contradiction to any story.

But we can dream, right?

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