I think it is pretty fair to say that any clam on the kitchen table is probably meant to be eaten - not to eat. The below video is very strange and has gone viral. You can see the clam on a table surrounded by salt, when it appears the tongue of the clam emerges and begins to eat the salt, but according to scientists, that is not at all what is happening.

According to Miriam Goldstein, graduate student researcher in biological oceanography at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography says, "That's the clam's foot, that is not its tongue. Clams don't have tongues in fact, so what the clam is doing is it's trying to find a place to burrow.... clams live in mud and sand and they use their foot to help them dig."

Another scientist agrees and confirms the clam is not eating - he is trying to dig into the table. Clams eat by sucking water through two siphons that lead into the body cavity. There are bits of food and nutrients in the water and their gills capture the food and oxygen that is brought to the clam's mouth. Who knew? ...Or even cared for that matter, but the video is kinda cool.

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