If you're gonna do something, why not go all out? That must be the philosophy of whoever created this massive Illinois Christmas display the occupies every possible inch of yard.

This was captured recently in Normal, Illinois with just one sentence describing it:

An extreme Christmas light display of vintage blow mold lights.

They're not kidding. Look at this for yourself.

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This YouTube comments are celebrating this wonderous display of the holiday season:

Kyle Brock - "We are a Christmas Nation!"

CJ - "This is war"

It's a mad mad world - "The reflection on the window is of an alien 👽"

That final comment is correct. There's an alien in the window AND the tree. Perhaps they're trying to point out that their Christmas display is out of this world?

If nothing else, you have to admire the enthusiasm of whichever Normal, Illinois resident created this.

Now, about that electric bill...

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