In light of the attempted mugging incident in the Evansville Best Buy parking lot, we want to help you protect yourself, if you find your self in this type of situation or any situation that requires self defense. Thank you, Heather and Kathy, for letting us know about Damsel in Defense

The website, Damsel in Defense, sells items to protect you, including purses with pepper spray attachments and small concealment pockets, RFID wallets, stun guns, car aid kits, educational tools and more. According to Heather, a DID sales rep....

....we have digital defense, we have games and books for kids and families to talk about the tough situations and what to do in them. We also have car protection such as emergency kits and flash lights that have a window punch and other things on it. We also have alarms for either children to carry or to put in your home in case there is an intruder.


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