Being stuck in traffic, I mean really stuck in traffic is an awful experience. I fear that every day as I make my way toward the Twin Bridges, in Henderson, KY. Or, even the Blue Bridge in Owensboro. If I see traffic backing up, I'm turning around and finding another route, quick. To be honest, it doesn't even take a very long time to be stuck before I'm losing my sh#%.

My patience is slim. Ok, I have no patience. Just take me to Disney World or Holiday World and you'll see my level of patience is very, very low. Like traffic, standing in line for more than five or ten minutes is more than I can take. For most people, places like these are an incredibly fun experience. For me, no. I'm the one looking overheated, with a ticked-off look on my face and mumbling profanities to myself.

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I have to honestly admit, as I prepare to go on vacation to Myrle Beach, South Carolina, being trapped in a traffic jam, with no escape, is in the back of my mind. I know, I've got issues. If only I could redirect my crazy. You know, find something to do, when and IF a stuck in traffic situation happens. I need to take a page out of the Dylan and Josh handbook.

Remember last year, when The Git Up by Blanco Brown became a crazy, unexpected hit?

Well, these Josh and Dylan went viral, with over 2.5 million Facebook video views back in September 2020, when they got out of their vehicle and danced to the song while stuck in traffic between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. They made everyone around them, during their hour and a half wait in a long line, feel much better. I'm sure they would have made me smile instead of cuss and pace, too.

Thanks to Kaylee for sharing her video so we could ALL enjoy it. I thought I would post it again, not only to remind myself to relax while stuck in line or in traffic but you too. Because of the music in the video, Facebook would not let me put the video in this article, but you can watch it, HERE.

As long as we are reminiscing, take a look back at Travis and Ryan helping the United Way during their local The Git Up Challenge. Aside from Ryan's pasty white legs, and Travis' lack of rhythm, they killed it. See them break it down, HERE.


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