The Tri-state is heating up, and according to the NWS we're expecting "oppressive heat" pets can overheat and suffer from heatstroke just as easily as humans can, here's some tips to make sure your pet stays safe.


For one, if we are under a heat advisory, if at all possible bring your pets inside. They are susceptible to over heating just as humans are.

Here's a few tips from the ASPCA on how to keep your pets cool

  • Make sure there is plenty of fresh cool water, and they always have access to it.
  • Know the symptoms of overheating in pets (read them here).
  • Pets with flat faces (pugs, bulldogs, persian cats etc...) cannot pant to cool quite like other breeds, so make sure they are in the AC.
  • Make sure elderly pets, overweight pets, or pets with heart or  lung diseases also stay in the AC, they cannot cool themselves as well as others, so they are also more susceptible to overheating.
  • NEVER leave animals alone in parked vehicle.  Not only can it lead to heat stroke (yes even with the windows cracked), it is illegal in many states.
  • Just as with children, don't leave pets alone around pools.
  • Beware of asphalt, and don't let dogs linger on it, it can get really hot and burn the pads of their feet. Be sure to test it with the back of your hand, and don't let them stay on it for long periods of time. Their sensitive pads can burn, and with them being lower to the ground than us, they heat up much faster.
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And remember to contact Animal Control if you see anyone leave their pets outside in this heat with no access to shade, and fresh water.


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