I'm sure you've heard that saying 'tis the season for (add whatever you want that is in "season") Guess what, your gonna see it again too. What am I seasoning for? 'Tis the season to love your family, EVEN the ones that are the black sheep in the family.

Close-Up Of Black Sheep On Landscape Against Sky : Stock Photo

Yes, love them! I consider myself the black sheep out of my siblings. You have Joe who had done much and accomplished many things. Married, great kids. I met a client for a new business and Joe came up in the conversation. I said, "oh yea thats my oldest brother." The person looked at me like I was gonna say gotcha. Granite there is a 14 year difference between us, but we're siblings. Then you have the other brother Lynn, who is a very talented person, once in radio himself, and is currently in Texas working for his degree. Lastly you have me. I work in radio, kinda went to college, no kids, tattoos, and I have more tee shirts than heels. The pic below is when we were all cleaned up for some reason.


Christmas to me is the time of the year when you spend with family, the ones you consider family, and friends. So don't forget those weird ones that you only see for funerals, or this time of the year. Embrace their black sheep qualities and love them.


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