Here we go again. Daylight Saving Time officially begins this Sunday at 2am, as we spring forward - and with the time change, comes the annual debate for changing Indiana's time zones. This debate has been raging for so long and nothing has been accomplished. So, why are we still debating this? Simple. Because everyone has a different opinion and nobody can agree. There is always at least one Indiana lawmaker that wants a committee to look at the state's time zones and the issues created by them. What could change? The usual, you know, moving the entire state to the Central Time Zone or moving certain counties to the Eastern Time Zone... blah,blah, blah.

When we drive up to Valparaiso to see my wife's family, we change time zones three times on the 5-hour drive up 41 from Evansville to Valpo. We start in the Central zone, change to Eastern in Knox County through Terre Haute and back to Central when we approach the Valpo area...crazy.

As strange as it may seem, the way it is currently structured seems to work for everybody. If you move counties like Vanderburgh to the Eastern zone, what do you about about Warrick, Posey and Gibson?

My wife was born and raised in Northern Indiana and she says there is absolutely NO WAY that part of the state moves to a different zone than Chicago. Conversely, the Indiana counties closest to Louisville don't want to change either so, what to do?

Here's a tip - either change it or leave it - just STOP talking about it and make a decision already. No matter what they do, someone will get their shorts tied in a wad anyway. Again, it seems like the way it is works for the most part, but there really does need to be clear line - where that line would be is anybody's guess.

I would rather our lawmakers spend their time talking about things that actually matter and stop wasting time and money on the time zone debate. What do you think?