Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have shared the lyrics and music for their new duet, "Keep Your Eyes on Me."

McGraw stars in the upcoming film The Shack, which hits theaters in March. McGraw plays the character of Willie and acts as the movie's narrator, and he and his wife also perform the new song on the film's soundtrack.

Hill posted the song's complete lyrics on her Instagram page on Thursday (Jan. 26), while McGraw shared some notations of the track's music with fans.

McGraw and Hill co-wrote the song with songwriters Lori McKenna and Shane McAnally specifically for the film. As McGraw previously explained in an interview, "Keep Your Eyes on Me" was inspired by several moments in the film where the line "keep your eyes on me" was spoken.

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“I was watching the movie with Faith, because they’d asked us to write a song for it. It wasn’t completely finished yet, but it was done where you could get the essence of it,” McGraw tells Country Countdown USA. “There must have been six parts where there were complete fall-apart moments. We walked out with some song ideas. Lori McKenna, Faith, I and Shane McAnally wrote the title song for the movie. I think it’s going to touch a lot of people.”

"Keep your eyes on me / Keep your eyes on me / When it hurts too much to see / Keep your eyes on me," the couple sing on the song's chorus.

The Shack is based on the novel of the same name and tells the story of Mack Phillips' spiritual journey. Played by Sam Worthington, Phillips' character is at a crossroads following a tragic incident in his family. He soon finds himself at an abandoned shack in the Oregon wilderness, where he meets several strangers who help him make sense of the tragedy.

The Shack is set to open on March 3, 2017.

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