For people that don't like or appreciate country music, it all seems to sound the same. You've heard family members, friends, and coworkers make fun of the themes and lyrics behind your favorite county songs. It can get really annoying listening to them to make fun of a genre of music that you love. But, what do you do about it? How about writing a song?

A country artist, on TikTok, decided to do just that. George Birge decided to write a country song about something he heard a fellow TikToker say in a video. Erynn Chambers was mocking country music lyrics, using the stereotypical example of beer, beer, truck, truck, girls in them tight jeans. When Geoge saw the video on TikTok, he decided he needed to write a song about it. And, the clip of the song, along with George's explanation of the inspiration behind it, went viral. Take a look.

@georgebirgeofficialCan’t believe our song is FINALLY out @rynnstar what a ride, thank y’all for the support, and I hope you like it! #BeerBeerTruckTruck #Country #FYP♬ original sound - George Birge

Here is the full version. The song is a great song and very catchy. I can't get it out of my head and I love that it's there.

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In an interview with People Magazine, George said,

One minute, I'm questioning whether or not I was going to play live music anymore, and then some TikTok video goes and completely validates everything I was once questioning.

Now, George's TikTok is blowing up and we are going to get to hear more of his talent in an upcoming EP. Oh, and as a good county boy should, he gave Erynn a songwriting credit for his song.

Here is an interview George did with Taste of Country Nights.

I love this guy and can't wait to hear more!




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