I love when I see school supplies being put on the shelf in bulk amounts. I was one of those kids that loved a fresh box of crayons and new pencils. The joy of using that first sheet of paper in a new note book!!! I was that kid. Heck, I'm still that kid now. I love looking at all the supplies that they have now.

Every year, it never fails though. You have parents that complain about how many folder or notebooks they need through out the year. I grew up poor, I know school stuff is a struggle. But do you really think about that your child's teacher is buying some stuff for their classroom as well? Probably not. "Oh Mary you don't have kids, you don't know what it costs." No I don't but I'm not stupid either. Teachers buy stuff as well. You're entrusting these people to teach your kid. If the cant get it though their budget with schools, supplies will be bought by the teacher.

Children watch you when you least expect it. If they see their parent complaining about how much blah is, what message is that giving a kid? Well, mom doesn't care, why should I? Growing up, I don't remember my mother ever complaining about what I needed for school. She did though limit my brands I got, I liked the fun supplies. I was a band kid, I needed reeds for my saxophone weekly. I didn't use cheep reeds, I like the ones that had a light coating of plastic on them, didn't get gross as fast. Mom just went with it, and again we weren't rolling in money.

So please, when you're out getting your school supplies, don't complain. Yeah its costly, but watch the sales, and don't buy the cheep crap that is dirty cheep. It wont last. Ive already bought stuff to send to my sister in law to help her out with her first class room. I buy stuff like that and donate it every year. I don't have kids, but there is something about buy school stuff that makes me smile!

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