When you think of things that your state is known for, do any of these activities or traditions sound weird to you?

Each state has its own history. They also celebrate that history based on events, or influential people with various traditions. To people who aren't from that state, these traditions may seem weird, quirky, peculiar, or just off the wall. However, to those who grew up with these traditions year after year, they are simply normal.

The website 24/7 Tempo decided to look into these traditions and track down what they define as the weirdest in each state. How did they come to the conclusion for each state? According to the website:

24/7 Tempo reviewed media sources, state and city websites, and cultural resources to compile a list of famous and weird traditions in each state. We looked at each tradition to assess its uniqueness in regard to the state as well as how unusual the tradition or custom is. Obviously, the peculiarity of a tradition is in the eye of the beholder. What is weird to one person may not be to another.
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By now, you might be wondering what the weirdest traditions are in our neck of the woods. Let's take a look at what 24/7 Tempo said was the weirdest tradition in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

The Weirdest Tradition in Illinois

The tradition named as the weirdest in Illinois happens once a year in Chicago, and it's certainly weird, but even more, it's kind of funny. It's the No Pants Subway Ride. Oh, and in case you were wondering what that is, it's exactly what it sounds like. According to 24/7 Tempo:

The merry pranksters at art troupe Improv Everywhere organize an annual no-pants subway ride on Chicago’s subway cars. Participants have to be hearty folks, because this year’s event is held in January. The ride took place on the city’s Red Line this year.

Weirdest Tradition in Indiana

Next up is my home state of Indiana. The tradition that was named the weirdest is one that happens at the biggest event in racing, the Indy 500. That of course, is the winner pouring milk on their head after the race. 24/7 Tempo says:

Indianapolis 500 winners pour milk on themselves — much like NFL coaches whose teams win the Super Bowl get a huge bucket of Gatorade poured over them. The custom started back in the 1930s, when three-time winner Louis Meyer drank some buttermilk after winning a race. This is such a popular tradition today that on race day Indiana farmers select the Milk Person who is charged with delivering the milk to the winning driver.

Weirdest Tradition in Kentucky

Finally, our neighbor to the south, Kentucky. This is one that I haven't heard of before, but apparently, it's a tradition in Kentucky at weddings. The tradition here is when the bride and groom bury a bottle of bourbon at their wedding site. According to 24/7 Tempo:

Besides college basketball and thoroughbred horses, Kentucky is known for its bourbon. One of the traditions in the Bluegrass State is for a bride and groom to bury a bottle of bourbon at the wedding site to keep rain from ruining their big day. The burial must take place no later than a month prior to the wedding, and the bottle must be full and placed upside down in the ground. After the ceremony, the bottle is dug up and its contents imbibed by wedding guests.

There you have it, the weirdest tradition in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Do you find any of these weird, or normal?  If you would like to see what weird traditions the other states have, you can check those out by clicking here.

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