Lorraine Park is located between Washington and Covert in Evansville. It has a nice play area, a pool open in the Summer and an absolutely beautiful baseball/softball field in perfect condition. The field is level, well maintained and mowed regularly. It also has a sturdy metal backstop. The field is missing only one item- someone to play ball. USA Today just reported that the Sports Fitness & Industry Association says that participation by kids playing baseball and softball has increased between 2013 and 2018 by three million, while participation in football and soccer has dropped and basketball increased only a little. However, I can tell you by my observation at Lorraine Park, baseball and softball seems to have disappeared. I have driven past this great field of dreams almost daily for SEVENTEEN YEARS and have never seen ONE person using the field. Come on boys and girls, put down the X-box, grab a glove, bat and ball and get some National Pastime on. If you need a place--it's at Boeke Road and Covert and it's always available.

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