It's National Bourbon Day today!  Be sure to visit the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky, and discover how bourbon is made. Let's check out the Jim Beam Distillery.

Just south of Louisville in the town of Clermont is where the Jim Beam American Stillhouse is located.  It's an interesting process starting with the water, then the grains, fermentation, the oak barrels, and so on.  There's a lot going on in making bourbon including the specific kind of oak used for the barrels - they only use white oak.  And there is a difference between bourbon and whiskey!  Have you seen the Jim Beam tv commercials with Mila Kunis?  We saw one of her bourbon barrels inside one of the storage rack houses!  (See slideshow)

If you get the time this summer, take the's well worth the money and you get 3 tastes of their famous brands after the tour is over (21+)   [slideshow] 

Jim Beam Distillery, Clermont, Kentucky

For tour information:  visit Jim Beam American Stillhouse


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