A friend of mine was checking online to see about getting a hotel room in Evansville for the eclipse, turns out there are ZERO available! 

Budget hotel room
Yong Hian Lim

The tri-state is in a good viewing area for the solar eclipse coming up on Monday, August 21.  Because of this many people are booking up hotels all over the tri-state so they can get a view of the rare eclipse.

A friend recently checked TripAdvisor to see about hotels in Bowling Green, and in BG they're charging up to $1,000/night! So for fun I decided to see if Evansville hotels were doing the same, and it turns out they AREN'T because they're ALL BOOKED!

I've never seen such a thing in Evansville! I checked, Henderson and Owensboro are looking the same as well! How crazy is that?!

I also checked AirBNB and if that's  more you're style there's only ONE available near here, it's in Newburgh, and for Sunday night August 20th, it'll cost you a cool $500!

But hey, if you're looking for a quick way to get some extra cash, maybe signing your home up for Air BNB for the day before the eclipse will be a good way to do that!

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