The estate of Bill Monroe, a Kentucky native and father of Bluegrass music, is being sold. Many items are being offered including his cabin in Racine KY, business items, domain name, instruments, personal items and more. This is an extraordinary opportunity for Bluegrass fans to own pieces of the beginning of the genre.

A press release from Wester Public Relations listed these items!

.....the name and likeness offering – also available are the rights to the website, fans can also own several exciting parts of the Bill Monroe legacy – beginning with the historic Uncle Pen’s Cabin in his hometown of Rosine, Kentucky.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Monroe Enterprises
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Monroe Enterprises


Also being offered in one separate bundle is Bill Monroe memorabilia and personal items, the likes of which has never been available – and will never be available to the public again. Included among the items are over 1,800 personal and business checks – including some written to Earl Scruggs, Ralph Stanley, and Johnny Paycheck; two knives and three wrist watches owned by Monroe, his back brace, social security card, ATM Card and Gas Cards, Christmas Cards, thousands of his personal papers and collectibles, suits, coats, shoes, ties, and even his Last Will and Testament. The collection also includes his own personal record collection, and one of his fiddles – which he kept for sixty-seven years (and has his initials inscribed inside of it!)


But, there’s even more. There are well over 250 live recordings from Bill’s Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival that will be offered in one exclusive package.


And, then….there’s parts of the famous Gibson 1923 Lloyd Loar that is on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame. An extra set of tuning keys and a bridge that was replaced. These items from the most famous mandolin in the world are priceless!

For more info about how you can bid/buy items from the estate of Bill Monroe use the following contact info.

Tony Conway
The Bill Monroe Estate
c/o Conway Entertainment Group
1516 Broadway #500
Nashville, TN 37203

Here is the legendary Bill Monroe with Dolly, his Blur Grass Boys and Elvis.


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