Last week I covered the most socially active country artists' fan bases according to my experience.  I found through this that some of my choices only apply on certain occasions.  Some of my choices were spot on.  Finally, I missed some very active fan bases, that I know about now!

If you take a look at the poll, you'll see that the two artists I expected to come out on top did just that.

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery blew away the competition by sharing and sharing again, as they always do.  Lauren may have edged out Scotty this time, but as we found out on American Idol, either one could come out on top any day.  Their fans are very dedicated, and will get vocal!

The next highest vote-getter of the artists I included in the poll, was the LoCash Cowboys.  Their fans have always been so vocal, it caught our attention and since we've begun playing their music and having them in our studio, they've become great friends of the station with a following to boot.  One thing fans will always do for their artist online is to defend them til the end.  That's why I love this exchange between a Locash and Scotty fan.

Danielle Bradbery followed up with a nice showing as well to round out the top vote-getters in my unscientific poll.

It was the 'Other' category in this poll that really got some fans fired up bringing two main artists to our attention, and that's what this blog was all about...rabid online fans.

Jason Michael Carroll and Christian Kane both showed up a lot in our write-in votes.  These two artists both played in Evansville in the last couple of years at the former Stoney's.  Both, in my experience are very down to earth guys and very entertaining.  Now I also know that both have an amazing online fan base!

So, on this day (knowing that it could always be different tomorrow) here were the rankings according to your votes for the most rabid online fan base in country music.

(Min 50 Votes)

1) Lauren Alaina

2) Scotty McCreery

3) Christian Kane

4) LoCash Cowboys

5) Danielle Bradbery

6) Jason Michael Carroll