Just when you THOUGHT you had heard of everything!! Introducing - The ButtleOpener - a life-size replica of a woman’s panty wearin butt that serves as a novelty beer bottle opener!!  

Watch the ButtleOpener in Action:

Even though this may seem like a GREAT idea for your basement bar, rod and gun club or local honky-tonk.

 NASCAR is saying.....NO!!

NASCAR, the racing organization that brought you cars powered by erectile dysfunction drugs, Hooters and various beer companies, did not allow ButtleOpener to sponsor a car on the circuit because they felt the logo, with butt cheek-shaped swoops, was in poor taste. LMAO!!!!

But HERE is the best part!!! Mark Gregory, the co-inventor of the ButtleOpener, is a  member of the school board of Williamson County, Tenn. He and his brother Brent were divinely inspired when they came up with the ButtleOpener concept:

“…Gregory said he and his brother thought of the product while sitting in a bar after a round of golf. His brother mentioned the buttocks of a particular woman were firm enough to open a beer bottle.”

Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA

[Via Tennessean]