From the cringe-y to the tasteless to the downright bizarre, some country songs are just plain bad. Just because an artist is a legendary hitmaker doesn't mean they're immune to releasing a dud every now and again, and these 20 tunes are proof.

Some of the songs on this list lose points because their lyrics don't live up to the artists' usual high standards, such as George Strait's "River of Love" (even though it was a No. 1 hit for the King of Country in 2008). When your career includes 60 chart-topping hits -- more than any artist of any genre! -- there's bound to be one or two songs that miss the mark.

Strait's far from the only legendary songwriter to put out a song or two that fell a little short, though: Tom T. Hall also clocks in with the lyrically lackluster "I Love."

Meanwhile, other songs stand out simply because of how confusing they are. Take Johnny Cash's 1984 release "The Chicken in Black," an inexplicable story song about the Man in Black's brain being transplanted into a chicken's body. You don't take our word for it: Even Waylon Jennings thought this song was a swing and a miss.

Want to learn more about these songs, and other tunes that just didn't live up to their legendary artists' hype? Read on:

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