So far, this summer, we have seen some very dangerous temperatures outside. Cooling stations have been opened and rolling blackout warnings have been issued.

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As a child and in my teens and twenties, I can remember living without air conditioning. Sometimes, the heat was unbearable so we would go stay at grandma and grandpa, or at a friend's house. Even getting into the hot car would take your breath away.

If it's hot outside, just how hot does it get inside your car?

According to,

On a 90-degree day, that equates to 138 degrees—higher than the hottest outdoor temperature ever recorded on earth. Interestingly, these temperature increases are roughly the same no matter what the outdoor temperature is. Even on a beautiful 75-degree day, the temperature after 90 minutes will be over 120 degrees.
When things heat up outside, we always see social media posts and videos about actually being able to cook things on a sidewalk or in a car, but in a mailbox?

How hot does it get inside your mailbox?

I found the answer in the chatroom Quora,

It depends: 200F is not out of the question. At least 150F on a summer day, black mailbox, direct sun.
Looks like you could if you wanted to, it might just take a little longer.

How to make Mailbox Lasagna

Chattanooga, Tennessee, weatherman, Brian Smith, explained how hot it was going to be and then told his viewers how to make Mailbox Lasagna. He then posted the video on Twitter and it has gone viral.

**Important thing to remember, you must cook the meat thoroughly before you make the lasagna to bake in your mailbox.**

If you try this, make sure you let your mailperson know ahead of your mail delivery. And, if you have ants and other bugs in your mailbox, cooking your dining inside your mailbox, might not be a good idea. Just saying...

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