We see stories all the time online and on social media about stray kittens being found and taken to the local animal rescue, but occasionally, this story out of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee is a little more "wild!"

Needing a Little Help

A couple recently showed up at True Rescue, an animal rescue in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee that focuses primarily on cats in need of rescue (although they do care for some dogs in foster homes). They were in need of the rescue's help.

True Rescue's mission is to make the maximum positive impact on the animals we care for. From supporting communities with Spay/Neuter programs, to moving animals out of low adoption animal shelters, cruelty situations or disaster-stricken areas, True Rescue is committed to being advocates for all animals.

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attachment-Baby Bobcat
True Rescue via Facebook

Wildly Lost and Found

The couple had found a lone "kitten" on their deck and immediately transported the little guy/gal to True Rescue in hopes that they would be able to provide care and find it a home.

attachment-Baby Bobcat2
True Rescue via Facebook

You've Got to Be Kitten Me!

However, when the staff at True Rescue saw the "kitten" they immediately realized that this was no kitten at all, but rather a young bobcat cub. In a comment on their Facebook post, which you can see below, True Rescue said,

...his head was massive, and the unusual ear markings, plus huge paws and huge claws. When he growled...we knew.

Off to Rehab

Luckily, True Rescue knew just what to do. They contacted Walden's Puddle, a Joelton, Tennessee-based facility specializing in the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife.

Walden’s Puddle provides care and treatment to sick, injured and orphaned native Tennessee wildlife. We are a professionally-staffed wildlife  rehabilitation facility in Middle Tennessee. We do not charge for services and receive no federal or state funding at this time. We are here to help wildlife in trouble.


Happy Tails

The wild little floof is now in good hands and no doubt on its way to living its best life!


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