Tate Stevens, the winner of the second season of American 'X Factor,' has dropped his new video for 'Holler if You're With Me.' He's wasting no time capitalizing on the big win this past December, and we can't say we blame him. The iron is hot and the time to strike is... NOW! That said, the clip is a hybrid of a music video and a Pepsi commercial, and not his first official single.

There's plenty of product placement in the form of Pepsi bottles being passed around by fans who are standing outside, rocking out to Stevens' music at night in the cold. It makes sense that the people in the clip are tossing back cold ones (of the non-alcoholic sort) to quench their thirst, since the soft drink company is a major sponsor of the reality show.

But promotional endorsements aside, you might wonder why these kids are braving the cold. Well, it's because Stevens' song is so damn catchy. It's twangy, full of fiddles and it's authentic country, which is the music Stevens has wanted to make his whole life. It shows in this song and this footage.

The video is simple. Live to rock, rock to live, play loud, play long and play regardless of the weather. Good music just infests your soul and keeps you warm.

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