If you're in the market for a new job, chances are you're prepared to take a drug test if the new job would happen to require it.  Or if you work at a job where they randomly drug test, there's a few things you should avoid, to  make sure you pass your test, and I'm not just talking about the drugs themselves! 


Did you know there's a ton of things that can make you fail a drug test that aren't drugs??

Here's a few weird things that can cause you to fail a drug test!

  • Tonic water.  It has quinine in it, which is sometimes mixed with street drugs.  So if it shows up on a drug test, they might think you're on something. Apparently only one gin and tonic is enough to make the test positive for this!
  • Cold medicines.  A study found that some decongestants can make you test positive for METH.  With it being cold and flu season, be careful!


  • Ibuprofen in high doses can make the test look like you have marijuana in your system. So if you have to take a drug test, and you have a headache, take an aspirin or Tyelnol!

So there's a few weird things that can make you fail a drug test, so if you think you could be taking on sometime soon, maybe steer clear of these things as well as...well drugs.

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