Indiana Town Could Force Residents to Pay for Garage Sale Permits
One northeastern Indiana town has introduced a proposal that would require residents to pay $5 for a permit in order to have garage sales. Of course, this has many of the townspeople ticked off because they say the town’s overzealous nickel and diming tactics is an intrusion of their right to free enterprise.
Tax Time – Who Is Cheating
Most people would probably admit they have given some thought to cheating on their taxes, but only 15 percent have actually done it and they are young males according to a new study.
Winning Lottery Ticket In Tax File
Doing your taxes is a pain, and many people put off their preparation until right before the mid-April filing date. Chicago man Irving Przyborski is certainly grateful he got a bit of a jump on his 2010 taxes . That's because when Przyborski went into his tax files last week, he found a lottery ticket he had bought almost a year before among the paperwork. When Przyborski checked the numbers, he r