Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is Dangerously Obsessed With Santa Claus on SNL
While traditional live sketches are still the backbone of any given episode, modern SNL is frequently at its best in the pre-recorded segments. The past few years have seen an interesting evolution as the silly “digital shorts” of a decade ago have matured into full-blown filmmaking, with sketches that feel more like short films than just a comedy bit. Last night’s Ryan Gosling-hosted episode peaked with a pre-recorded sketch titled “Santa Baby,” which let both SNL and Gosling himself turn the weird up to 11.
Notebook Star Is Real Life Hero [VIDEO]
Ryan Gosling played the hero in New York the other day. While he was on his way home , the actor jumped between two men fighting. Witnesses caught the whole thing on tape, and you can hear the excitement as the women realizes the hero is "the guy from The Notebook!" SOURCE: E! Onl...